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7 Helpful Tips on Getting Most Out of Your MVP Within a Budget

October 28, 202022 min read

Deliver great Minimum Viable Product instead of running out of cash as most startups do.

LeanyLabs Named a Top B2B Company in Ukraine

August 03, 20202 min read

We are thrilled to announce that Clutch has named LeanyLabs a top B2B company in Ukraine in the web and e-commerce development category.

MVP Development Explained

July 13, 202011 min read

Minimum Viable Product is necessary to build early traction and collect real-user feedback that guides further startup development in the right direction.

React, Angular or Vue: Choosing the Right Framework for Your Project

July 12, 202015 min read

When choosing between React, Vue, and Angular, you have to consider their flexibility, ease of development, robustness, and decide based on your needs.

Awesome React Charts Tips: Gradients, Overlays and Responsive SSR in Recharts

July 04, 20208 min read

Apply these advanced Recharts library tips to improve your chart`s design and make them SEO-friendly.

How to Hire the Best Web Developers

July 03, 202020 min read

This guide covers every hiring step, from opening a position, recruiting, interviewing, to deciding on the best team member and web engineer.

Benefits of JavaScript on the Server

June 21, 202015 min read

Today, JavaScript is everywhere, even in space. Find out how Node.JS compares to traditional server-side languages in their field.

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