Team Extension
Team Extension
We recognize that the IT landscape is ever-evolving and your needs can change overnight. With our Team Extension service, you get more than just additional hands on deck; you gain immediate access to specialized talent and cutting-edge expertise.


  • Relevant Professionals

    Relevant Professionals

    With our proven recruiting processes and more than 200K developers in Ukraine, we can assemble the team according to your requirements, technical skills, industry, and specific expertise you need.
  • Full Control

    Full Control

    Treat your remote team extension almost as if they were your employees. You'll conduct second-stage interviews and make the final hiring decision. Your team members will follow your processes, company culture, and corporate values.
  • Scalability


    Remote Teams can be scaled up and down depending on the planned work scope. You can smoothly bring in more people should you need to expand a project, and you won't have to fire employees if you no longer need their services.
  • Zero Administration

    Zero Administration

    Instead of being bogged down by recruitment processes, payroll complexities, and talent management, you can redirect those resources and time back to your core business objectives. You get the expertise you need without the red tape you don't.
  • Professional Growth

    Professional Growth

    Every LeanyLabs engineer receives an individual professional development plan aligned with personal goals, regular performance reviews, and additional training opportunities. We actively support mentoring and knowledge sharing inside the company.
  • Cost-Effectiveness


    Team Extension cost is more predictable compared to in-house development. You won't have to pay for the office space, equipment, training, and employee benefits on top of their compensation.

How it Works

Gathering Requirements

Gathering Requirements

We hold a series of meetings to clarify the project's details, desired team composition, requirements for candidates, and different organizational aspects.


We actively start searching for candidates, screening them, and conducting extensive soft&hard skills interviews. You'll receive detailed feedback on every great candidate and decide if they should pass to the next stage.
Client Interview

Client Interview

We will arrange an interview with you where you'll drive the process. Our technical expert might be there to double-check the candidate. Afterward, we share our opinions and decide whether they fit the team well.


Switching to a new job usually takes around two weeks. Meanwhile, we'll prepare everything they need for productive work. LeanyLabs' onboarding process usually takes only a day.


A new team member will join your engineering team. We recommend onboarding them as you would do for your on-site employees. They must get to know each other, review the project, read the documentation, and get familiar with the processes before the development process gains full speed.

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