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Get the most out of platform
  • Automate your workflows and get the most benefits from the platform
  • Exchange data between your existing applications and with integration recipes.
  • Add complex logic to your boards with tailor-made triggers and actions.

Why LeanyLabs?

  • Dedicated Team

    Dedicated Team

    We have a dedicated team specializing on apps development
  • End-to-End Development

    End-to-End Development

    We take care of all technical aspects, like architecture, development, deployment and monitoring of the product
  • Product Design

    Product Design

    We assist with product design as our main goal is to solve your business problem
  • Experience


    We've built more than 50 different apps over the course of 2 years
  • Expertise


    We use on a daily basis and know its API inside out
  • Assistance with Publishing

    Assistance with Publishing

    We have experience publishing apps to the marketplace
  • GDPR Compliance

    GDPR Compliance

    We are GDPR compliant and keep your data safe

Our Apps

How it Works



We get to know each other, listen to your needs, fully understand the problem and provide you with the approximate estimate.
Requirements clarification and product design

Requirements Clarification and Product Design

Elaborate on the possible solution. Afterwards, we propose detailed recipes, UI/UX, project scope, and delivery timeline.


We will build your application in short cycles, providing frequent progress updates and demos during the whole process.
Quality Control

Quality Control

We test the solution manually and with automated tests where appropriate. We try to emulate your environment as closely as possible using custom boards and do final testing of the app on our account.


Once you're happy with the functionality and everything has been tested, we will deploy the application to your production environment and install it into your account.
Monitoring and Support

Monitoring and Support

We have a proven process of monitoring every app we've developed that guarantees we'll be aware of issues before the actual users, and fixing it will be our top priority.

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