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LeanyLabs Eliminates the Business Risks by Offering Specialized Web Solutions & Services: GoodFirms

Anna Stark

LeanyLabs works with a transparent approach to build good relationships with clients by offering them correct services that empower their businesses to help them achieve their goals.

About the Company

LeanyLabs is a full-cycle MVP development firm. The firm offers services to their clients that help them focus on increasing their business while LeanyLabs takes care of the technical side. The supercharged team builds and delivers web applications that give businesses a place in the market.

LeanyLabs offers services like MVP development and remote teams. As a web engineering service provider for startups, LeanyLabs exhibits robust solutions enabling entrepreneurs to stand unique in the competition along with remote team augmentation services.

The expert team uses the latest technologies like TypeScript, node, etc., to deliver the best services.

GoodFirms Research Process

GoodFirms is an online research and evaluation portal that ranks companies on its website after gauging them on strict parameters. Each company listed on the website is examined for Quality, Reliability, and Ability parameters that result in helping service seekers find a reliable firm that can offer web engineering services for startups. After the evaluation, it was concluded that LeanyLabs had been excellently serving clients by creating MVP for startups.

Read below in details about the web application development by LeanyLabs

LeanyLabs holds specialization in developing web apps for enterprises that help them stay ahead in the competition. With best practices, the firm delivers focused services by using various latest technologies.

As a full-cycle MVP development, the firm stays ahead in the competition because the professionals leverage their knowledge of cutting-edge technologies to help lean startups develop an MVP.

Having strong expertise in prototyping and web applications has made them a trusted firm. Moreover, the team is exceptional at understanding their client’s ideas and excels at creating MVPs that validate them.

The first step in developing MVP is discovery, and in this process, the firm first listens to the clients’ idea to understand the clients’ goals, which helps them create the project’s scope. After the discovery phase, they design prototypes and create a roadmap for the projects with proper planning. This allows them to deliver a goal-oriented project in time. The completion of the designing stage gives a clear picture to the team about the developing phase.

The team at LeanyLabs assures clients of timely delivery of applications in a very short period. In addition to delivering services, the team is hardworking and transparent since they coordinate with their clients throughout the process and do not fear iterations.

Moreover, if the clients disagree, LeanyLabs’ expert team makes sure to adjust the development process according to the clients’ feedback. The LeanyLabs team understands that quality is crucial for any project; hence, the testing team incorporates testing within the development phase.

After extensive testing at the development stage, the products are finally launched by their team to be ready for the users. LeanyLabs continues to value long-lasting relationships with clients by offering them excellent services with a guaranteed focus, effective development process, close communication, well-managed team, great ideas, and transparency.

In addition, LeanyLabs offers clients the services to build remote R&D teams with direct access to the greatest talent pools in Europe. With this, the clients can fully control the team, culture, and candidate selection process. Remote team building is based on an extensive recruitment process with the following steps:

  • Requirements
  • Screening
  • Interview
  • Setup
  • Work

By trusting LeanyLabs, the clients can cost-effectively receive the best candidate. Moreover, clear and direct communication helps clients to get their professional team in one place. Thus, delivering professional software services and building remote teams has made LeanyLabs rank amongst the best software companies in Tallinn at GoodFirms.

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