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Superbcompanies.com Features LeanyLabs Among the Top Web Development Companies of 2021

Andriy Obrizan

LeanyLabs is a young company, and we still haven’t celebrated our 2nd birthday. During this time, our team grew from just three experienced developers building one startup to more than 15 helping different startups with their various projects and other needs.

We’re excited to announce that LeanyLabs was recently ranked in the list of Top Web Development Companies according to SuperbCompanies.

Our strict focus on modern web technologies, best software development methodologies, and, most importantly, the customer-centric approach of building long-lasting relationships played a significant role.

Superbcompanies.com is an independent portal that helps customers choose the most suitable service provider by ranking IT companies all over the world among multiple categories. They conduct their extensive market research and analysis, considering the companies ability to provide quality services, industry expertise, reliability, brand reputation, market presence, awards, etc. Only companies that demonstrate a high growth rate have a chance of getting into the list of leaders.

Their experts with over ten years of experience in various industries update this long list of companies monthly. SuperbCompanies focuses on the accuracy of the information, as it’s the most essential for avoiding mistakes when choosing the proper software development, testing, marketing, and advertising partner companies.

We are pleased to receive this award. It means a lot to us and, most importantly, provides positive feedback that we’re on the right track and should continue delivering excellent applications for our clients. After all, their kind reviews helped us become one of the leading Web Development Companies.