Case Study

Organization Chart app

One of our clients aims to use the platform as a single source of truth for everything. They already have their employee list on a separate board for different use cases and now wanted to draw an organizational chart from it. Since it’s quite a large enterprise with more than 1000 people, everything should happen automatically. Otherwise, keeping it up-to-date would be a nightmare.

It’s quite a unique scenario, so the platform doesn’t have this feature built-in. The client also couldn’t find a third-party app in the Apps marketplace, so they asked us to develop a custom solution from scratch.


We’ve scheduled a call to get an overview of their employee board structure and brainstorm ideas together.

The “Dependency” column type provided by the platform perfectly fits for configuring organizational hierarchy relationships between people. Its date dependency feature isn’t used in this scenario and will limit the selection if set incorrectly.

In such huge enterprises, no one knows every one of their co-workers. Besides the organization chart, they wanted to see essential information about each employee by hovering over their names. This way, they could create multiple charts with different information selected depending on the view purpose.


We’ve developed a front-end only app to draw the organizational chart. Development went pretty quickly as we found specialized open-source libraries for most parts of the application and had extensive experience building front-end apps.

The app automatically builds the organization chart from the board. If there’s more than one dependency column - it asks to select which one should be used for the graph. A settings dialog lets users configure which columns to display on the popup when hovering over a person’s name.

Users can edit the relationships between employees directly inside the app for convenience. It’s much faster than doing it on a board, especially if you want to fix a few mistakes.

The app turned out to be quite versatile and can display any hierarchical structure on a board as a graph.


Our client gained the ability to quickly see the chart of company structure and keep it up-to-date automatically. The popup allows them to see the most details about every employee when needed. Thanks to the awesome extendability of the platform, they can continue using it as a single source of information without relying on external tools.

The client is happy, and we’re working on other incredible projects together.


  • TypeScript
  • React.js