Web Application Development

Web Application Development

Build custom software solutions tailored to your unique business needs.

Get ahead of the competition by optimizing your business processes and discovering valuable insights from your data.

Expand your audience, enter new markets, and increase revenue streams with your original product.

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  • Managed Team

    We will assemble the optimal team for your product based on the necessary skills and expertise.
  • Product Thinking

    Leverage our expertise to discover possible improvements and brainstorm new ideas for your product.
  • Effective Development

    We've been polishing our development processes to increase quality while reducing overheads for years.
  • Modern Technologies

    Ensures the application is futureproofed while enhancing developers' productivity.
  • Close Communication

    Talk directly with your project manager or team members as if they were your employees.
  • Transparency

    Honesty with our clients, partners, and employees is a fundamental step in creating amazing products.

How it Works



We hold a series of meetings to clarify your needs, problems you want to solve, existing solutions, and your ideas on improvements to learn as many details about the future product as possible.


We plan software architecture and deployment strategy, think through testing plans, and design UI/UX prototypes for your application while assembling a development team.


We build your application in short cycles, clarifying questions as they occur during development. Every iteration ends with a demo where you'll see the results of the previous sprint, and we can adjust the next sprint based on provided feedback. We also set up a staging environment where you can always play with the latest version of your app yourself.
Quality Control

Quality Control

Software testing goes in parallel with the development. Developers cover critical areas of their code with unit tests, write integration, and occasionally automation tests. Every feature gets manually checked before going live.


Once your application is ready to go live, we will set up CI/CD to deploy it to a production environment. New features will go live as soon as they are developed, reviewed, and tested.


No matter if that's a small new feature you need or further full-scale development, LeanyLabs is always there to help you. We value our good long-lasting relationships above everything else.

Favorite Technologies

  • React.js
  • Node.js
  • TypeScript
  • Docker
  • Amazon Web Services
  • MongoDB
  • PostgreSQL

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