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We specialize solely in web applications, thus always staying on the edge of technologies and best practices required to provide exceptional services. Our experts shine in rapid prototyping and MVP development to quickly validate the idea and deliver your application to the market, no matter how challenging it is. Focus on business activities while LeanyLabs takes care of the technical aspects to achieve your goals.
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How it Works



We get to know each other, listen to the ideas you have and the goals you want to achieve with your application. Based on that, we prepare the requirements, project scope, and delivery timeline.


We plan software architecture, design UI/UX prototypes and prepare you a detailed road map of the project.


We will build your application in repeated cycles according to the plan, showing you results on every iteration, and adjusting the development according to your feedback.
Quality Control

Quality Control

While we perform testing during the development stage, it's crucial to make sure that your product is flawless before the launch. That's why we also do extensive testing of the app on this stage.


Once everything is done and tested, we will deploy your application to the production environment and make sure it’s ready for the first users.


No matter if that's a small new feature you need or further full-scale development, LeanyLabs is always there to help you. We value our good long-lasting relationships above everything else.

You Gain

  • Focus

    Focus on your primary business activities while LeanyLabs takes care of the tech.

  • Effective Development

    From years of experience, we've mastered an effective development process with nearly zero overhead.

  • Close Communication

    Talk directly with any of your team members as if they were in your office.

  • Managed Team

    The team would be fully committed to your project. We'll take care of all the administrative and management activities.

  • Transparency

    See regular progress, what your team is doing, and their plans. We're always happy to get your feedback.

  • More Ideas

    Leverage our expertise to get new insights and a different view of your project.

Case Studies


Weather website with detailed weather forecasts, current conditions, tide predictions, radar, and weather maps for cities and places around the world.


Crypto projects directory that calculates dividend ROI for each listed project to help make better investment decisions.

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