monday.com Apps Development

Automate your workflows by getting the most out of the monday.com platform using custom apps.

Exchange data between your existing applications and monday.com with integration recipes, or add complex logic to your boards with tailor-made triggers and actions.

Gain an opportunity to quickly see a detailed overview of your business whenever you want, thanks to custom dashboards and widgets.

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How it Works


We get to know each other, listen to your needs, fully understand the problem, and elaborate on the possible solution. Afterward, we propose detailed recipes, UI/UX, project scope, and delivery timeline.


We will build your application in short cycles, providing frequent progress updates and demos during the whole process.

Quality Control

With custom boards, we try to emulate your environment as close as possible and do final testing of the app on our monday.com account.


Once everything is tested and you're satisfied with the functionality, we will deploy the application to your production environment and install it into your monday.com account.


Whether that's a minor new feature you need or further full-scale development, LeanyLabs is always there to help you. We value our good long-lasting relationships above everything else.

You Gain

  • Increased Productivity

    Let people do what machines can't by automating what you can.
  • Cost Saving

    Automations work for you 24/7, and the running costs are much lower than average salaries.
  • Consistent Quality

    Everyone makes mistakes, except computers. Once the code is thoroughly tested, it will always work consistently.
  • Close Communication

    We want to make sure we're building something that actually solves your problem, and frequent feedback is the only way to ensure that.
  • Expert Advice

    We've built dozens of different monday.com apps for various clients. We know the platform and standard solutions quite well.
  • Effective Development

    From years of experience, we've mastered an effective development process with nearly zero overhead.

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